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Artificial Shelter

An alternative to planted shelters, artificial shelters can be built quickly to protect horticultural crops and orchards from wind and easily moved to different locations. Artificial shelters are constructed using tall posts and windbreak material, usually polyethylene fabric which is strung on a wire, and can also form a roof over the crop to protect it from hail and/or frost, contributing to a stable growing environment.


Offering a controlled growing environment, Greenhouses produce ventilation and warmth for research facilities, home use, crop cultivation, flowers, and seedlings, allowing for a longer growing season. Greenhouses provide protection from the weather, pests, disease, soil erosion and unwanted pesticides.

Dairy Standoff Shelters

There has been an increasing interest from the dairy sector for a cost effective and reliable method of covering existing stand-off pads and feed-pads. We supply and install Standoff Shelters for farms which can be used with dairy cows to keep the herd warm, dry, fed and healthy.

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