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Dairy Shelters


There has been an increasing interest from the dairy sector for a cost effective and reliable method of covering existing stand-off pads and feed-pads. We supply and install Standoff Shelters for farms which can be used with dairy cows to keep the herd warm, dry, fed and healthy. Clear roofing membrane called ‘Durashelter’ helps with the drying of floor effluent, maintaining cow cleanliness and helping to reduce the incidence of disease while keeping the heard warm.



Agricultural Shelters

1w_lee_012aAn alternative to planted shelters, artificial shelters can be built quickly to protect horticultural crops and orchards from wind and easily moved to different locations.

Offering a controlled growing environment, Greenhouses produce ventilation and warmth for research facilities, home use, crop cultivation, flowers, and seedlings, allowing for a longer growing season.



Industrial & Sporting Shelters

cricket4-sliderOur shelters are also used as storage sheds, garden center covers, car yards, firewood protection, boatsheds, garaging etc. The shelters provide a drier environment for sports facilities, such as practice cricket wickets, allowing for year round use.


Redpath® New Zealand

redpath_logoRedpath Pacific Ltd is New Zealand’s longest established manufacturer of Agricultural and Horticultural “clear-roofed” buildings. We design, manufacture and install more than 30 acres of these buildings nationwide annually for the Dairy, Greenhouse and Orchard industries.

For over 33 years our buildings have been the preferred choice throughout Australasia. Redpath export our products throughout the Pacific rim, with no job being too large or too small.




We also offer a full range of Greenhouse products including:

  • Greenhouse films
  • Shade cloths
  • Weed matt
  • Cloche films
  • Film clipping systems
  • Environment control
  • Sidewall and roof winches
  • Electric side and roof vent motor/gearboxes
  • Vent drive hardware
  • Fasteners and brackets
  • Steel
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Greenhouse tapes
  • Twinskin equipment
  • Greenhouse fans
  • Greenhouse screens/shade/thermals
  • Misting Units
  • Home and Garden Greenhouses



We provide maintenance on all artificial shelters – this can include repairs/replacing cloth, replacing poles if required, and dismantling and relocating shelters.

We also provide maintenance on Greenhouses, this can include repair to plastic film, reskinning of roofs and sides, installing side wall ventilation, etc.